We have laboratories for the development and prototyping of products and a press centre for the production of promotional and technical materials .

Computer lab: a network of more than 100 workstations connected to a node in parallel computing allows the development of technical / scientific and managerial applications, thanks to a wide range of software applications.

Mechatronics laboratory: it supports the creation of mechatronic prototypes in a flexible and fast way. It includes a stereolithography printer, machine centres for milling and turning of precision machine tools and a light workshop with generators and signal analyzers, systems for the realization of prototype boards, measuring and field laboratory instruments.

Graphic and multimedia laboratory: it allows the realization of multimedia products, as 3D reconstructions, graphic and technical materials to digital press, audiovisual productions. The laboratory is endowed with plotter and A0 scanner, laser systems of acquisition 3D, photo and video cameras, equipments for binding.

Solar Lab: it allows you to test, demonstrate and experiment new solar systems and components, allows the assessment of new integrations with other renewable energy systems on a dedicated area of 3,000 sq.m.

ARCA TEXTILE Lab: is a space within the Consorzio ARCA FACTORY, whose aim is to pick up and to assemble together craftsmen and textile workers, designers, developers, "additive manufacturing" operators and all other creative energies of local communities in order to generate new solutions and new business models related to the textile and clothing sector.

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