Our training activities aim to provide useful knowledge to potential entrepreneurs to undertake the entrepreneurial pathway with competence and self-awareness. Every 6 months we organize the course "Entrepreneurship and work in the knowledge economy",  in collaboration with SINTESI and the Centre for Guidance and Counselling Services (COT) of the University of Palermo. Addressed to all the students of the University of Palermo, the course aims to educate young people in "entrepreneurial thinking", so that the knowledge achieved in university classrooms  may generate economic value. During the 30 hours of the course, students are introduced to simple notions of business management and examples and case studies from other entrepreneurs are presented.

We organize training modules for entrepreneurs, researchers and experts in technology transfer on the topics of open innovation, the creation of innovative startups and management methods for industrial research programs .

We regularly organize seminars, conferences, meetings and other events where entrepreneurs and experts get the floor and where we deal with themes related to the business system and, in general, connected to economic and social development through innovation and creativity.

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