What do we mean by business creation?

We refer to the set of processes that boost the development of an idea into a business venture able to face the market challenges. Supporting the creation and development of innovative companies is teh best answer to reduce the unemployment rate that affects the young generation.


Do you have an innovative idea?


Start up your company with us!



It is possible to generate new sustainable and qualified jobs in Sicily by setting up innovative companies.



Identify the ideas with a high potential for development, support their maturation until the consolidation of new products and services ready for the market.


Come nasce una Startup

How can we help you?



First step...



I primi passi


Then grow up with us...


What do you need?

Setting up a business is a process that does not allow to be unprepared. Instead, it requires a set of knowledge and expertise and the possibility of using a proper logistic and technological support. To this end, we provide our startuppers with the resources they need to develop their idea.



We have equipment for mechatronic prototyping, informatics, editing and graphics and multimedia production.


We organize training courses, seminars, conferences and other events, characterized by a common feature: entrepreneurship and innovation.


In this section of the web site you can find a repository of documents, which is necessary to anyone who wants to set up a new business venture.


Business competition

In order to foster the business creation process, our startuppers can participate in several business plan competitions, such as STARTCUP PALERMO, an event which is held once a year and that we have sponsored from the beginning, providing assistance to the participants to develop their business plan.



Our startup

In recent years we helped over forty teams of innovators creating their own business. The start-up companies that we hve launched, including 8 spin-off of teh University of Palermo, are the result of a careful selection among hundreds of proposals analyzed. Each of them is characterized by a high rate of innovation and a strong potential for development.





Success stories

Your success is ours!
Any idea who evolves into a successful business rewards us for all the efforts and increases our motivation and enthusiasm.
Here we tell some of these stories...


Stop the brain drain
The stories of three young Sicilian entrepreneurs who have chosen to stay in Sicily to develop their business ideas.


ARCA in figures..(2005 - 2014)



ita arcainnumeri gen 15

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