Access to incubation services is reserved mainly for new enterprises with a high technological content. Great importance is given to the business team, who should show an open-minded and goal-oriented attitude to innovation and integration between technical and scientific skills and managerial skills. On the incubator premises, companies can take advantage of fully equipped modules, multimedia and printing technologies, scientific and design  software, advanced systems for rapid prototyping and development of mechatronic systems. The equipped laboratories for prototyping enable companies to carry out the activities of pre-industrial development at low cost and with the support of highly qualified staff. Senior entrepreneurs mentor new companies with the formula of temporary management. Specific attention is paid to finding financial sources, from seed stage until industrial or financial investors join the partnership.

All the hosted companies are guaranteed with the basic secretarial services, cleaning, access to printers (with pricing based on consumption), telephone network and internet (wired and wifi), promotion in the context of events and communication channels of the Consortium.

For those who wish to establish their own business within our incubator, we offer two options: 

  • physical incubationprovides the availability of a furnished office unit, as well as access to basic services and the use of laboratories. The cost is proportional to the surface of the assigned unit (€ 20.00 + VAT per square meter per month).
  • virtual incubation: provides the use of a coworking location area and the access to basic services, for a sum of € 100.00 + VAT per month.

As a local node of the EEN Network (European Enterprise Network), we provide information on research and innovation; advice on patents; identification of funding lines; looking for technology and market partners; technology profiling for requests / offers of technologies.

Our staff, characterized by diversified and complementary skills, can coach new enterprises with a program of integrated management: managerial mentoring, support to the research of investors and partners, assistance in the development of prototypes and demonstrators, identification of suppliers and potential customers, etc. 

In collaboration with the Easy Integrazione di Sistemi group, which is the private partner of ARCA, it is possible to arrange the application of the equity4fee formula, with which the startup gets the specialist assistance programme offering a share in the company.


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