ARCA Textile Lab

ARCA Textile Lab is a center for experimentation in the textile and clothing sector, located in Palermo in the premises of Consorzio Arca (Viale delle Scienze, Ed.16)

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It is a laboratory for students, researchers, makers and local businesses, that aims to innovate starting from the knowledge of craftmanship, the recovery of the sicilian tradition, making use of new technologies and digital fabrication.

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All the activities will be oriented to the promotion of self-employment paths and new business models development.
Inside Arca Textile Lab cooperate two laboratories: Palermo Place Lab and Fabbrica Making Lab.
Palermo Place Lab will start from the recovery of the Palermo School of cut and sewing by integrating it with advanced CAD systems. Main goal is developing handicraft personalized and made to measure production.
Factory Making Lab is a space where exploring new fabrics, new materials and digital devices. It will allow local businesses, students, and general public, to cooperate together, thanks to the use of an open innovation platform, suitable for launching challenges and develop business ideas.
Arca Textile Lab is part of TCBL, Textile and Clothing Business Labs project, funded by the European Union.

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