The services that fall within the technology transfer are addressed at both start-up enterprises housed in the incubator and small and medium-sized enterprises active in the Sicilian production system.

We deal with all steps of the technology transfer process, from the identification of new solutions to their adoption, in a perspective of enhancement and exploitation of research results on the market.

The range of services offered to companies is wide: our team assists start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises from the time when it is necessary to evaluate their technology in terms of innovativeness and feasibility (technological due diligence and feasibility studies), to provide the most appropriate form of intellectual property protection (confidentiality agreements, filing patents, models, designs, trademarks and copyright), to define a marketing strategy, to identify industrial and research partners operating at national and international level (audit and technology review, partner search) and develop the supply chain connected to industrialization of the new solution.

Our team works by devising cooperation models based on Open Innovation, fostering collaborative research and exploitation of skills, tangible resources (hardware and software, infrastructure and equipment) and intangible ones (knowledge, expertise, patents, etc.).

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