Why do we join international networks for development and innovation?

Because we believe that local development actions must deal with the global dynamics. In particular, we think that there is a cultural, economic and social space, at the European and Mediterranean level, in wich we intend to promote cooperation projects and exchange of experiences and opportunities, as a support to our business and institutional partners.




The creation of new business ventures and the promotion of economic and social innovation in Sicily are strongly interconnected with the global dynamics and, in particular, to the process of change within the Mediterranean area.



To become a connection node between the Sicilian economy and society and major international networks that promote sustainable development actions based on the entrepreneurial initiative, on technology transfer, on innovation and on social inclusion.



The international network we are partner of




Enterprise Europe Network 

It promotes technology transfer, transnational partnerships and cooperation agreements in the field of research and innovation.



Territorial Living Lab - Sicily

It is a tool for enabling a partecipatory approach to co-design processes that aims to foster territorial development within the European Network of Living Labs.



Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Through a network of universities, research centres and other knowledge institutions, it supports the development of sustainable development goals to address the challenges of economic development, social inclusion, environmental sustainabiliy and good governance.

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