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Since 2011 we have been participating, through the BRIDG€conomies, in the Enterprise Europe Network - EEN established in 2008 and funded by the European Commission. The EEN has integrated into a single network information and support services delivered to companies in the field of internal market, internationalization, innovation and technology transfer at transnational level, based on the previous experience of Euro Info Centres and Innovation Relay Centre.

For the period 2014-2020, the European Commission has adopted a new program for the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (COSME) with a growing role for the EEN that, over the years, has become the largest support network for SMEs.

EEN operates in Europe and worldwide. It is currently present in more than 50 countries and consists of more than 600 local partners, including chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, universities, research centers and incubators, locally grouped in consortia. The network can count on over 5,000 professionals.

Enterprise Europe Network intends to increase the innovative and competitive potential of SMEs through the participation in EU policies and programs and access to funding opportunities. EEN provides business opportunities in Europe, through the generation of technical collaboration agreements, of manufacturing agreements and transfer of know-how, joint ventures, exploitation and / or sale of patents and licensing agreements, through purely commercial partnerships and project partnership agreements for EU Programmes such as Horizon 2020 and COSME.

Enterprise Europe Network is mainly addressed to all companies, including small and medium-sized, and to public and private research bodies.

In Italy there are six Consortia joining the Enterprise Europe Network. Among them, the BRIDG€conomies Consortium consists of 12 different organizations operating in Southern Italy, notably in the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia and Sicily. The other EEN partner in Sicily is Sicindustria


As a part of the EEN network, we have specific expertise in the field of Research & Development, Innovation and Technology Transferand and we support SMEs in their internationalization process. We freely provide the following services:

  • Information services to companies and research institutions
    • dissemination of information on European issues of interest to the business system
    • Dissemination of information on European initiatives, announcements and opportunities related to research and innovation
  • Support for SMEs
    • Information meetings on issues related to the internal market, internationalization and innovation
    • Raising awareness and offering support through ad hoc meetings to identify specific needs
    • Training on demand on specific topics related to European issues
    • Assistance for participation in European projects
    • International Partner Search
    • Company visits for check-ups and technology audits
  • Services for the matching research / company
    • Technology reviews delivered to research institutes / universities
    • Dissemination of research results
    • Exploitation of patents
    • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Brokerage services for international cooperation
    • Partner search for research and market activities
    • Definition of technological profiles for requests / offers of product / process / innovative services (TR / TO)
    • Definition of profiles for partner search to take part in European research and innovation projects(RDR)
    • Definition of profiles for business requests / offers of products / services (BR / BO)
    • Assistance to the negotiation aimed to transnational technology transfer agreements
  • Organization and promotion of events
    • Seminars for promoting the services of the Enterprise Europe Network
    • Thematic/sectoral meetings with enterprises
    • Visits of foreign entrepreneurs to our region or of local entrepreneurs abroad (company missions)
    • International events or brokerage events
  • Services to assess the innovation management capacity of SMEs
    • SME assessment and selection (the service will be delivered small and medium-sized enterprises with real potential for international growth through products, processes, services or innovative business models)
    • Assessment of the innovation management capacity using common methodology and tools,
    • Delivery of an action plan addressing the main bottlenecks on the basis of the results,
    • Sustaining the implementation of the action plan in order to empower the SME capacities of innovation management
    • Suggesting and driving RTD results exploitation activities.
  • Services for the beneficiaries of the European measure "SME S Instrument" funded in the framework of Horizon 2020
    This services will be delivered with the help of a Key Account Manager – KAM who has the following tasks:
    • to explain the benefits of the SME Instrument’s coaching service to SME;
    • to identify gaps and needs in order to facilitate the selection of an appropriate coach through an  assessment of strategic and operational parameters;
    • to help the SME Instrument beneficiary to select the most appropriate coach;
    • to foster the relationship between SME and coach;
    • to facilitate exchange of knowledge and to promote learning flows between SME, coaches.


Companies and research institutes can get in touch with our staff to analyze their needs and potentialities in terms of innovation and market. By filling out a form (technology offer or request) and drawing up their own business profile, it will be possible to be included in the data base of the Enterprise Europe Network. Should the profile be attractive for another European member organization, a first contact would be established in order to negotiate a potential collaboration or agreement.

Getting in touch with our operators you will also have access to a full range of services and in particular to the EEN Brokerage Events on innovative technologies related to the most important trade fair, in which individual meetings are held with those who offer or demand specific products or technologies.


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