Laboratory for new entrepreneurship

The laboratory for new entrepreneurship has been promoted by the Territorial Council for Sicily of UniCredit bank and includes Confindustria Sicilia, Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori Sicilia, the Universities of Palermo, Catania and Messina, the Science and Technology Park of Sicily, Libera Association, The Hub Sicilia, Next Association, Clac Association, Policoro Project.

The Laboratory has been founded on the belief that barriers to the development of new entrepreneurship in Sicily depend on different factors: a low attitude to entrepreneurship by young people, an entrepreneurial potential that can hardly stands out, a territorial support network which is not enough structured and functional to business development, a less-developed capital market and with a shortage of public and private funds for financing start-ups, a remarkable weakness of managerial skills among young people.

The first purpose of the Laboratory for new entrepreneurship is to share data, information, research results and skills among partners in order to plan and jointly carry out dissemination and training activities to spread out the entrepreneurial culture among young people in schools and universities, to sensitize enterprises, public administrations, media and raise public awareness. In addition, the Laboratory aims to build in Sicily a network of banks, associations, universities, business incubators, venture capital operators, research centres, that can support and stimulate a new generation of entrepreneurially talented people, catch new market spaces and match innovation offer with demand, seek national and international experiences for potential future partnerships.

The Laboratory for new entrepreneurship also aims to promote the culture of lawfulness and to fight against mafia through entrepreneurial training, support and coaching young people to the social use of the real estate confiscated from organized crime, as well as anti-usury activities and the support to the entrepreneurs oppressed by extortion racket.

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