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What is a Living Lab?

Living Labs refer to user-centred, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings. In practice, living labs place the citizen at the centre of innovation and have thus shown an ability to better mould the opportunities offered by new ICT concepts and solutions to specific needs and aspirations of local contexts, cultures, and creative potentials.

ENoLL The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is a global network of open innovation ecosystems (Living Labs) that places people at the centre of product and service development and innovation.
The network and its members provide innovation services for small and medium-sized international companies, the public sector, organisations and citizens. ENoLL promotes the development of business and industry and the creation of tax revenue and jobs.

Under the 11th Wave, in 2017 three Living Labs promoted by ARCA have been officially acknowledged by ENoLL the European Network of Living Labs


MALL MADONIE LIVING LAB has specialized and expanded previous experiences, piloted in the territory under EU funded projects, within the process of implementing the National Strategy for Internal Areas (SNAI). The SNAI has been promoted by the Italian Government and it is the national framework for the inner areas of the EU cohesion policies and it is driving the ERDF actions in these territories. Madonie area has been selected as one of the priority targets after an evaluation process of the maturity level and the regeneration potential.
The local community chose to address in a systemic way the issues relating to mobility services, school and health, with the view of a sustainable and inclusive growth, and to optimize the integration of the ordinary development policies for citizens services, supported by national funds, with extraordinary actions, supported by EU structural funds.
Madonie is now going to use the MADONIE LIVING LAB as a general methodological framework leverage to further facilitate the process of participatory planning and to experiment and consolidate the involvement of citizens, administrators and local companies in co-design of platforms and services connected to their prior challenges.

Geographic area 
EXMA, Petralia Sottana (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

Projects (EU-funded; nationally funded)
Living Lab is working on or has worked on FOTRRIS (Horizon 2020), STS-Med (ENPI CBC MED), SMART GEMS (Horizon 2020), EDIMEC (ERDF)

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SOLL SOLAR LIVING LAB, in front of the premises of Consorzio ARCA, in Palermo, within the University campus, with its 3000 smq of extension, is the first pilot plant in Europe developed in urban settings, based on the concentrating mirrors technology, which is able to provide electricity, heat and cooling for multiple uses. The field is mainly devoted to the demonstration and testing of new solar components and technologies; it is open to all the citizens for visits, in order to let them access the site, receive explanations about the technologies applied and raise social challenges for which they would need solutions.
SOLAR LIVING LAB has been realized with a mix of regional, national and European financial resources. Installed within a larger area under renovation as a city park, it has required the adoption of specific solutions to minimize the impact on the urban environment and in an area of archeological and natural interest. Some components derive from RTD activities involving regional SMEs participating into the supply chain. It has been meant to move research results and innovation out of university labs and make them visible and easily accessible to people, thanks to the demonstrative plant.

Geographic area 
University Campus, Viale delle Scienze building 16, Palermo (Sicily, Italy)

Projects (EU-funded; nationally funded)
Living Lab is working on or has worked on STS-Med (ENPI CBC MED funding), ZERO-PLUS (Horizon 2020), SMART GEMS (Horizon 2020), FAE, FRESCO (ERDF 2007-2013)

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TECLA (Textile & Clothing Living Lab) gives impulse to co-design, awareness-raising, citizens engagement, testing and experimentation of innovative products and business models with regards of the Textile & Clothings sector.
TECLA LIVING LAB aims to reduce the gap between SMEs and R&D issues in the sector. It will thus address the issues of Fashion Technology with a more inclusive and co-design approach that aims to produce a lasting impact on the territory, offering a space where exploring the emerging opportunities of the new “Making Economy” (e.g. personal robotics, home production), redirecting the capacities of “old artisans” and family workers (or “fasonists”) and re-connecting their knowledge with new entrepreneurs, young and creative people.
It takes full advantage of the benefits of Future Internet technologies for the T&C global supply chain (diffused e-commerce networks, IoT tracking systems, virtual warehouses, customer engagement, etc.) in the light of a new customer-driven approach based on market intelligence.
TECLA LIVING LAB will be a physical space where to encourage and discuss on ideas and projects, meet people and collaborators, with formal and informal cooperation methodologies, contribute to ideas and rediscover hand sewing and embroidery traditions. This Lab will also contribute to enlarge the community of artisans and DIY makers. Our Lab is an experiment to reactivate knowledge and tradition of the territory gathering a network of people and artisans able to foster the identification in a common culture and ignite a process of transformation.

Geographic area 
University Campus, Viale delle Scienze, edificio 16, Palermo (Sicily, Italy) Cre.Zi.Plus, pad.10-11, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, via Paolo Gili, 4 -90138 Palermo (Sicily, Italy)

Projects (EU-funded; nationally funded)
Living Lab is working on or has worked on Horizon 2020 Textile&Clothing Business Labs, Interreg Med CreativeWEAR 

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