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As the business incubator of the University of Palermo, in June 2015 Consorzio ARCA has defined its partnership with SiamoSoci, a web platform dedicated to startups, born in Milan in 2011, which aims to facilitate the flow of financial resources to innovative entrepreneurship, shortening the gap between business, innovation, research and finance.

The platform simplifies and facilitates the contact between private investors and startups. To effectively reach their goals, SiamoSoci has established important partnerships with incubators and accelerators.

Siamosoci has thus set up a network of startups, business angels and accelerators able to connect those who need mentorship and capital with those who want to invest and participate in innovative projects, achieving goals such as:

  • helping startups to obtain resources for a total of 5 million Euros, covering 3.7% of the Italian market of seed and venture capital;
  • simplify investing in startups, thanks to the collaboration of experts in venture capital;
  • helping the startups ecosystem growth, offering transparency and support to all its protagonists.

The partnership agreement was signed after having led the successful capital raising of WIB, the our startup which has received expressions of interest for 530,000 euro in two days, to get to 960,000 euro total in the following months, making it a success story.

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