OCORE wants to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through additive production (commonly known as 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing) and robotic technology, using advanced polymer composite materials. OCORE’s innovation focuses on high-performance carbon fi ber (CRP) and glass (GRP) reinforced plastics, in particular on the integration of digital production processes for building large components, thus enabling clients companies of:

simplify production processes
reduce production costs
improve production process fl exibility reduce the time to market of their products

Over the last few years, additive production (AM) has moved far beyond its prototype applications to play an integral part in product lines and production approaches of some companies, thus enabling the exploration and innovation of manufacturing sectors of fi nished products and, for the molds, in recycla-

ble thermoplastic material. OCORE therefore intends to operate in the rapid prototyping of large size and supply of composite molds primarily for the automotive and marine industries, and secondarily for the oil & gas sectors, industrial design, product design, custom design, also providing engineering and product development services. 

High-performance 3D printed ocean racing sailboat.
The OCORE technology used to generate the hull, deck and structure of a MINI 650 class Proto, a high-performance ocean racing sailboat.
This boat is the first 3D printed boat that also will participate in 2019 to the mini-transat, a regatta form la Rochelle to Guadalupe, with a stop to Canary islands.

Thanks to the OCORE technology are possible to generate complex and optimized shapes with a good level of detail and adequate strength to support the load as the core of a carbon composite construction. 




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