The ONstairs team, with its strong experience in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Transformation, intends to accompany the evolution and growth of companies through the efficiency of their IT security management techniques, promoting the adoption of good practices, favoring risk-based approaches and privacy by design paradigms. We design, develop and integrate IT and IT security solutions, accompanied by strategic-managerial consulting services and advisory services. We assist companies in pursuing their objectives in the field of digital transformation, leveraging on a wide know-how gained in the fields of IT Transformation, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, Big Data and integrating it all with an important training component.


Thanks to the vSOC solution, devised by Onstairs, we intend to help companies to detect, contain and mitigate data leaks, detrimental to clients, improving overall corporate security. vSOC outsources some or all of the activities of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and a CSIRT, based on a modular approach mapped on 4 levels of analysis, thus constituting a valid option also for organizations that already own similar structures, which often face problems such as: staff shortages, lack of skill, high costs resulting from purchase, maintenance and obsolescence for hardware and software components.


The vSOC solutions, designed to be extremely modular, are quickly adaptable to the specific needs of clients and are delivered in H24x7x365 mode.


vSOC helps companies to outsource the delivery component of cybersecurity operations, entrusting them to the Onstairs team of security analysts, constituting a valid tool to support data breach notification, declaring a marked focus on privacy data, in full compliance with  European regulations on Cyber Security and personal data protection.


vSOC also helps to contain the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its customers facilitating them in the transition from capital investments (CAPEX) to a new model of continuous operating expenditure  (OPEX).


In addition, Onstairs is constantly committed to spreading knowledge in the Digital, IT and Cyber Security fields through online training initiatives. In this regard, Onstairs has activated several long-distance training courses, mainly in IT, through the use of dedicated IT platforms. The courses currently rely on vocational training content to satisfy various entry requirements.










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