Co-Rent is the first shared rental of filming equipment in Italy. This collaborative platform was born from the need to put to good use the private equipment of the professionals of the sector.



In addition to simply renting what you need, Co-Rent allows you to share your equipment and earn from it, or register and get a very significant discount that will outweigh the cost of the investment.

You have three possibilities:

  1. Rent equipment at its list price and free from subscription restrictions

  2. Save by subscribing and getting a very high discount on the rental according to the subscription chosen. There are 5 annual subscription quotas in Co-Rent and each one of them corresponds to a percentage discount on the list price:

               o   500€ = 30% discount

               o   1000€ = 40% discount

               o   2000€ = 50% discount

               o   3000€ = 60% discount

               o   5000€ = 70% discount

  1. Earn sharing your equipment and putting it in good use when you don’t use it.

There are two ways to share and earn with Co-Rent that give rights to the following commissions:

  • Hand your equipment to us --> 70% commission on the rental

  • Keep it yourself → 50% commission on the rental




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