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ONB Analytics is a startup that offers the top management and the direction of human resources of medium and big enterprises a software that makes visible the collaboration grade and the allocation of competences in the business network.

ONB Analytics operates in the field of Knowledge and Talent Management and it was created to satisfy the business need to know, manage and valorize the competences and capabilities of human resources. ONB proposes the Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows to increase the productivity of human resources and efficiently reorganize their allocation through a better integration in the business network. ONB Analytics has won the first prize in the category “International Awards” in Bendigo Inventor Awards (Australia) and it has won the second place in the competition StartCup Palermo 2013, taking part to the National Prize for the Innovation. Finally, it has been selected for the project AdottUp di Piccola Impresa Confindustria and Intesa San Paolo and it is
now part of their “collection of best ideas”.

SaaS ONB allows decision makers to intervene specifically on the organigram, on the layout of job positions, on the processes and on the tasks to make the project and change management processes more efficient, reduce the time-to-market of innovations and identify and stimulate the talents in the business. Moreover, this source is fundamental in merger & acquisition cases, when the new business could discover in advance the opinion leaders, those that have strategic competences and the formative needs of the present resources in the acquired business and, thus, accelerate the selection of employees to keep. SaaS ONB is the result of the innovative application of technologies and methodologies deriving from the recent scientific development on web analysis, competences map and big data.

Benefitting from the growth of the HR Business Intelligence & Analytics sector, ONB’s goal is to enter the UE and USA markets of the middle and big enterprises, adapting the software to the various languages and job environments. Business counsellors are another category of customers, who operate in the field of directional and personnel management.

The competences
ONB presents itself to the customers with the certainty to offer a complete and high quality product. This has been possible through the competences in complementary sectors acquired by the founder partners of the startup both in academic and working environment, the collaboration with experts on Human Resources sector, with research centers as “Università degi Studi di Palermo” and the university of Applied Sciences in Brandeburgo and of specialist commercial exponents.




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