APWonders S.r.l. is a spin-off of the University of Palermo whose goals are the creation of intellectual property in the field of industrial engineering, design, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value. The company, registered as innovative start-up, has arisen from the idea of taking to the market some inventions born in the context of technological research. In the early years the core business of APWonders will focus on a wind turbine recently developed. Being totally innovative, the turbine was patented at both the Italian and the international level. The operation of the turbine has been tested successfully by building a prototype and subsequently testing it in the wind tunnel. The belief that other three innovative products can successfully be brought to market as significantly contributed to the decision of creating a new company, they are: an anti-roll system for boats, a system of absorption of the impact energy and a muffler for internal combustion engines. The APWonders Srl aims to create a business model that draws its strength from the great innovative power and validity of the ideas developed and design skills.

About us:

The two founding members of the APWonders Srl ensure broad and undisputed experience and capacity to support all functional areas of their competence. Antonio Pantano, associate professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Management, Computer Science and Mechanics of the  University of Palermo, has remarkable skills in mechanical design. The limited experience of business management of prof. Antonio Pantano is more than compensated by the competence of the other business partner, Giovanni Pantano, who was the founder and CEO for over 40 years of companies that have achieved national dimensions and over 100 employees.




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Via Valderice 42/C
90144 – Palermo

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M +39 366 658 2037

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