PADesign S.r.l. is an academic spin-off of Università degli Studi di Palermo, registered to the Chamber of Commerce in Palermo as innovative startup (art. 25 of LD 179/2013). It operates in the building sector and, in particular, the one of the sustainable design.

The society aims at the development, production and marketing of highly technological and innovative products or services, directed to both private and public users and businesses for the technical counselling and for designing highly energetically efficient buildings, for new constructions and for the improvement of existing ones.

The society follows its aims through the following activities:
-Individuation of architectural solutions, able to optimize the environmental prerogatives present in the territory in order to give a contribution to the thermo-igrometric benefit;
-Experimentation of innovative materials that employ another percentage of renewable materials or coming from the production scores;
-Designing of low-transmittance and high performance construction casings;
-Widespread employment of passive systems integrated in the architectural project;
-Evaluation of energetic audit;
-Cost-benefits analysis, finalized at stabilizing the time of amortization of the cost of intervention;
-Support for the planning of the policies of the public authorities for locating financial resources;
- Participation to architectural designing contests with requisites of highly energetic performances;
-Microclimatic simulation for the evaluation of the existing conditions and for those obtainable following the intervention of requalification;
-Designing of software and tools for the optimization and simplification of the processes of energetic simulation.



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