SBskin. Smart Building Skin s.r.l., is an  innovative startup which develops and commercialize multifunctional and translucent building components integrated with 3rd generation PV technologies  for the construction of active and energy efficient building envelopes.

SBskin. Smart Building Skin s.r.l. is and innovative startup and an academic spin-off of the University of Palermo which aims to address the building and construction sector towards models of sustainability through the development of innovative and multifunctional building products.

The company has turned the results of an academic research about the optimization of the light-capture elements of the building envelope into a business activity aimed at the development and commercialization of high-energy performing products for the realization of translucent façades and roofs with low thermal transmittance values and able to produce clean energy.

Unlike existing photovoltaic solutions for building integration, SBskin’s products are also fully customizable in color, transparency and design, to adapt to the customers’ needs and architectural vision.
SBskin’s core products consists in exclusive multifunctional glassblock components integrated with 3rd generation photovoltaic devices (DSSC) for the construction of translucent, active and energy efficient building envelope even in adverse climatic contexts such as the Mediterranean Basin.

Main characteristics of SBskin’s products are:

  • High thermo-acoustic isolation values;
  • Tunable light-transmission values;
  • Different levels of energy production;
  • High mechanical resistance levels;
  • High customizability.

Furthermore, SBskin offers consulting services to the companies or public entities involved in the in the construction and BIPV sector for the individuation of customized solutions.

The company received several awards and recognitions (1st prize Bright Future Ideas Awards (2012); 2nd prize Start Cup Palermo (2012); among the 4 finalists, in the “Industrial” category, at PNI2012; 1st prize SeedLab 2013, nominee at EDF Pulse awards (2014), 1st prize ETRERA2020 in the “Solar” category) and participated to a number of startup initiatives (Mind The Bridge Start Up School, San Francisco 2013; M31 USA, San José; Intesa San PaoloStartup Initiative 2013 ).





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Via Ponte di Mare, 91
90123, Palermo
Sede operativa: Consorzio Arca

T +39 091 617 7741
M +39 320 4330312

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