Geological and Biological Team is a specialised team in the field of energy, telecommunications and construction, offshore and onshore Oil&Gas, positioning, hydrography, geology/geophysics and environmental sciences.

The staff GBT is composed of a team of specialists in geological, geophysical, environmental-natural and engineering disciplines. Each one of them has gained experience both in the use of particular tools and in the interpretation of their data set. The company operates in collaboration with CNR and both Italian and foreign universities.

The strength of GBT is the sharing of background and know-how of each staff member. Moreover, the technical-scientific growth is guaranteed by the continuous formation of the staff through internal or external courses. All GBT staff has the necessary certifications in the offshore field (BOSIET and OGUK) to operate in security and quality.

The goal is to satisfy the needs of customers in all phases of work, guaranteeing high professionality by contributing to the best choice and by offering a high-quality, accurate and precise service.

Quality represents a continuous engagement for GBT to reach its business goals through a proficient and efficient management system that reflects the requirements of the main international norms. A continuous monitoring of the performances allows to implement the appropriate actions to preserve and enhance the quality level of the service. This policy is widespread at all business levels to make our staff, our associates and our customers aware.

On the field:
- Positioning survey
- Bathymetric relief
- Geological, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental reliefs
- Search and recovery (S&R) of targets on the seabed and of archaeological sites
- Geological and geophysical advice

Surveyor, hydrographers, geologists/geophysicists, data processors, quality controllers, GIS operators and cartographers

Remote services
Data management both remotely in our offices and in situ, from the elaboration and interpretation stage to the final stage of report and production of data.




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