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Mobilita Palermo” is an urban blog, a landmark of Palermo’s metropolitan area. The productive, involving and strongly-related approach to the web has well-established an innovative reality in the sector of mobility and urban renovations, aim at doing the citizen the very protagonist of the area.

Business idea

We are a group of young men determined to put together our resources to build up a new reality capable of encourage and defend those actions that best improve the quality of life, plus holding up the economical developments and the infrastructures sector.

It ended up in the creation of a network, through which, the citizen’s role is promoted as an integral part of a smart system that propose and discuss advantageous and smashing solutions, supporting of the urban area.

We work on two sides: the web one and the involving one. The first one do has an informative and propositive feature; the latter wants the citizen and the istitutions to be involved in a shared sake.


We put ourselves as a bridge in-between istitutions and users. We are looking for the way to fullfill that “gap” that prevent the citizens realizing about the daily changments of their own territory.

Our goal is to set the citizens at the heart of the city, feeling that “protagonist-role” in the decision-making contexts. Ensure at any costs a complete, objective and neutral information about urban themes, is reflected in a motley consumers (istitutions, technicians, media and citizenship). It recognizes the value and originality of the information we offer.

We pay careful attention to the new technologies that guarantee the development of tangible and effective tools to achieve our goal.


Developments of technological services about sustainable mobility and user’s interactive approach with the urban sphere.

Constant activity information based on monitoring of construction sites, large public works, through detailed photographic reports, retrieval of technical information and direct relationships with industry leaders.

Direct cooperation with companies and institutions for communication activities, awareness and collaboration in the field of mobility and sustainability.

Promotion of the establishment of technical meetings, events and conferences on various topics.

Production of audio-visual formats for further information, contacts and open data material.

Organization and coordination of participatory practices in the area.


Since the establishment of Mobility of Palermo, were admitted to financing the following projects:

(2010) A.P.Q. Giovani protagonisti di se’ e del territorio Azione 7 Regione Sicilia Progetto D.I.M.M.I. (Decidiamo Insieme Modelli Mobilita’ Innovativi) CUP G71F11000060001

(2012) Smart Cities and Social Innovation - Ponrec 04a3_00259 Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Universita’ e della Ricerca - Progetto Muovity Palermo. Mobilità smart per comunità intelligenti.





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