Yam S.r.l. is a startup which aims at designing innovative boats, from the point of view of both technology and design. Its main characteristic is the research and experimentation of materials, processes and technologies that capitalize on the ecological component.

The Mission Yam S.r.l. is a professional business reality that operates in the sector of design and nautical production. Starting from a solid scientific and methodological basis and from a rigorous control of the production processes, Yam designs and develops innovative boats that integrate aesthetic, formal and functional qualities.

With its project Maribelle, the company won the 1st prize of Targa Bonetto 2008 and it has gained the first place in the competition “Start Cup Palermo 2008”. In 2008 the company has received the first prize for technological innovation at Genova’s nautical salon and, in 2012, it has been selected in ADI index. Yam intends to answer to sailing market exigencies with high-quality products, developed for customer’s needs, sold at an accessible price for the referred category.

Yam has realized two products of “Maribelle” line, the 615 and the 490.
They are characterized by tubulars that make it an hybrid between a sailing boat and a raft. The technical characteristics of Maribelle make it suitable for a beginner to practice sailing.

Yam S.r.l. intends to exploit developmental opportunities that derive from the privileged geographical Sicilian location. Thanks to targeted marketing policies, the company aims at reaching a high number of potential users.
Undoubtedly the most interesting market segment for the product is represented by the daily users, day cruising.
Yam’s products may be introduced in the national web of sailing circuit and in the 450 Italian sailing schools, as well as in the circuit of services for disabled.

The collaboration with Università di Palermo, as well as the experience gained from the promoters in the field, allow the company to present itself to the customers with a specialized know-how.
The patenting and the preservation of the design is one of the founding elements of company’s strategy.



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