is the answer to those who look only for one interlocutor, vendor-independent, in the field of business security, which is the set of rules, policies, procedures and controls to guarantee the integrity, the consistency and security of business data, such as the computer ones.

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The procedures of Auditing and Incident Response consider the duplication of the original supports that have been compromised or suspected before any other activity of analysis. We have thus the need to dispose of efficient hardware and software tools able to accurately duplicate any flux of data from the source to the destination. disposes of the TABLEAU Forensic Kit for the creation of the Forensic Image and of the Forensic WorkStation with above 1Tb of Forensic clean discs. The creation of the forensic image is realized on completely “clean” destination discs of over 1 Terabyte that allow to receive the duplication of the source devices bit by bit. The forensic toolkit of AccessData is the chosen instrument by for Auditing and Incident Response and evidence analysis activities. The site includes FKT imager for the creation of the Forensic Image, Password Recovery for encrypted files, Registry Viewer for the analysis of the register and of the installations effectuated by the user and Distributed Network Attack for monitoring the business web.

BUSINESS SECURITY provides strategic counselling for Business Security and for the management of the associated risks, efficiently and rapidly identifying the properties of risk of the customer and proposing intervention points, both organizational and technological, according to the right priorities. The planned services are:
-Definition of the business security policies, also in conformity to L.D. 196/2003 and 231/2001, thus paying attention not only to the technical and organizational side, but also to the legal and business impact;
-Management of computer incidents (Incident Response), which is the definition of the policies, procedures and criteria of intervention in case of computer incident, both from hacking and from fraud or other factors internal or external from the organization.
-Drafting of Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery plans

DIGITAL FORENSIC offers support for Digital Forensic methodologies to Forces of law and order, Courts and other Public Prosecutor’s Offices. Through digital technologies, it allows to obtain sources of evidence that can be used in a legal proceeding, namely in a litigation for fraud or use of business resources not in conformity with internal policies. The technologies used are market leaders and guarantee operation both on site and and off site. The company also monitors the level of security of the systems and of the security events that could affect the business system.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION designs and realizes business informative systems, relational databases and systems of reporting. It develops systems of data analysis with advanced instruments of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. The company also conducts activities of organizational and legal auditing, verifying the conformity to the normative that include the mandatory security of information and it supports the definition of the adaptation plan to the standard management systems of information according to ISO27001 (BS779) and 15408 standards. The services are completed by training and formation plans for the development of the Security Awareness, namely the awareness of the risks connected to the misuse of business information (behaviors which do not comply to the internal procedures).



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