Opera S.r.l. Art Workshop was created by a group of architects that operates in the field of study and representation of historical architecture since 1997. Opera benefits from the experiences of research carried out in University environment on the use of the most recent technologies for the study of Cultural Goods and for the divulgation of knowledge through multimedia devices.

The business responds to the needs regarding the processes of knowledge and safeguard of cultural goods by those that operate in the field of their preservation and tutelage. Opera acts in the field of knowledge and multimedia representation of architecture by using the most recent technologies of metric data acquisition, digital modelling, data archiving, film production and virtual reconstruction. Opera elaborates new forms of scientific account of architecture that deal with history, structure and shape of objects for their preservation and divulgation.

-Acquisition of metric data with traditional and innovative detection techniques (direct, topographic, frame-type and scanner laser detection)
-Management, elaboration and return of metric data
-Tridimensional modelling with CAD software and NURBS modeler
-Post-elaboration of tridimensional models for the interoperability with a software of structural calculus, GIS software
-Texturing and photorealistic elaboration of virtual models
-Animations and video productions
-Elaborations of database of data and images
-Hypertext production
-Video production of stereoscopic presentations
-Gadget production for commercialization inside museum shops
-Organization of spaces and events for multimedia productions (screening room, temporary setting up of thematic exhibitions)

-Monumental architectures and historic centers
-Artifacts and archeological sites
-Historical villas and gardens
-Museums and art galleries
-Architectural projects

The new technologies for knowledge and account of architecture, through a constant activity of testing and inquiry, allow Opera to enhance the qualitative level and differentiate the products offered.

The specific formation of the management team in architecture allows the company to be aware of all working phases and, in particular, of the the critical interpretation of the data, their organization and management and the proposition of philological reconstruction or virtual anastylosis. In this way we can grant an activity carried out according to strategies commensurate to the kind of artifact and to the product required, as well as to its compatibility with the instruments available to the final.




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