Lympha S.r.l. offers innovative solutions for the desalination or for the purification of seawater or brackish water. Small compact unities, transportable and fueled simply with any kind of thermic source at low and medium temperature or with non-conventional energies allow to have drinkable water in remote sites, in the middle of the ocean or in areas hit by natural disasters.


The society

Lympha S.r.l. is a recently born start up that aims at the production of systems of components for the desalination of brackish water and the purification of polluted water through a thermal exchange with residual heat sources from primary processes. More generally, Lympha wants to apply materials and innovative techniques for water treatment at private or industrial use. The company is promoted by the researchers of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Università degli Studi di Palermo and counts on a team specialized in the development of desalination units fueled by non-conventional energetic sources. In particular, the company has refined the scientific basis for the development of compact units of membrane desalination through international research processes. Subsequently, it has led its activity towards the production of devices with innovative geometries and materials, suited for the installation in remote sites, on containers and on board.


The product

It is a modular unit for the desalination that uses membrane pervaporative technology through innovative structures able to produce drinkable water at low-energy fueling. These units of desalination are constituted by easily assemblable modules in order to vary the productive capacities per hour and they may be used both in sea water and brackish water. Through the geometric and fluid dynamic optimization of the root of the thermic sources we have obtained the following advantages: high operative flexibility in variable load conditions and of discontinuous thermic input; ease in the operations of unit maintenance such as inspections and periodic cleaning; use of anti-corrosion and anti-incrustation, polymeric materials; compactness in the essential module for the installation of the unit in remote sites, on board, on containers…; improved operative flexibility for a better use with discontinuous energetic sources.



The membrane desalinator Lympha targets small communities that do not have drinkable water supplies with low-cost and easily operative solutions. The system presents interesting possibilities to be inserted even in context that use residual energy generated from implants that draw the heat away from their primary cycles. Therefore, the targets for these implants Lympha may be off-shore stations, strategic military stations, police garrisons. In all these cases, there’s the impellent need for hydric independence from conventional sources. An ulterior reference market is constituted by small implants for marginal or developing areas or associated to pilot projects with international cooperation or to humanitarian/environmental crisis. The modules Lympha will be specialized for the installation in recreational crafts where it is possible to use the residual heat of the engine for the production of drinkable water at low operative costs.




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