The company

Irriworks is a young Italian company in the production of software for the design of irrigation systems. Irriworks, sensitive to issues of water and energy saving, offers advanced technological tools and services applied to agriculture, a result that stems out of applied research within the University of Palermo and the result of continuous innovation. Its main product is IrriPro, the first software that can calculate the exact flow rate and pressure of water at every point of irrigation systems of every size and shape.

The product

To date, the system design is carried out using special software CAD-like that do not provide accurate and reliable results, so you are often forced to oversize each installation, with significant implications on the cost of the same and on the waste of water. On the contrary, IrriPro allows to know in advance the behavior of the system, allowing the designer to take precautions in the event of expected malfunction. IrriPro is the only software that lets design an irrigation system, thanks to the INDO technology (Irrigation Network Data Object) developed by Irriworks, by drawing  the elements of a system (such as emitter, pipes, etc) and of a terrain, not only as edge and nodes, but as objects containing hydraulic characteristics, geometries, materials and GIS informations obtained by Google Earth. Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of system. IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. IrriPro optimizes the use of water and improves distribution increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers and of course reducing costs.


In the world about 70% of water is used in agriculture and in particular irrigation. The systems installed to irrigate crops are typically drip and rain systems, potentially very efficient systems which are often approximately designed. This approach leads to inefficiencies, waste of 30% water, energy for pumping, and fertilizers that if gone beyond the roots can reach groundwater and contaminate it. Designing effectively irrigation systems will bring undoubted benefits, from reducing waste to increased agricultural production, which is essential in view of a consistent increase in world population. 





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