Geon is a synergic structure that offers complete support to the development of innovative solutions by using geothermal energy at low enthalpy rate to increase the energetic efficiency of the air conditioning systems. Geon activity is informed by the modern criteria of the rational use of renewable sources of energy.

Geothermal energy
The subsoil may be considered as an inexhaustible and renewable source of energy. The appropriate use of in-ground heat exchanger allows to increase the energetic efficiency of heat pumps for air-conditioning and for the production of sanitary hot water. In summer time, the use of heat exchangers without the help of heat pumps allows a great reduction of production costs of refrigerated water for cooling. Geothermal energy at low enthalpy rate represents a valid technology to reduce the consume of fossil fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

The geothermal plants can be realised in any type of subsoil, regardless of its nature. The exchanger can be vertical up to 150 meters, or horizontal and superficial, up to 1 to 2 meters deep. Alternatively, in newly constructed buildings, it is possible to ground the exchangers in all the in-grounded structures, such as: foundations, poles, diaphragms, walls and bulkheads. Plants with geothermal heat pumps represent an innovative solution in the field of renewable energies for the conditioning of residential buildings and tourist accommodations, for public buildings, greenhouses…

Geon activity
Geon has a pluriannual experience in mechanics and thermodynamics of the land. It is able to offer a support for the research of the most proficient solutions to the realisation of geothermal plants through:
- Detailed engineering of geothermal plants
- Interpretation of thermic measures in situ
- Analysis of the performance of geothermal plants over time
- Support in the control of the functioning and energetic management of the plant
- Definition of innovative systems of geo-exchange
- Integration with auxiliary systems of energetic production, as solar thermal technologies



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