Empleko is the first certified web of young experts that, from October 2013, will be available to Italian business to find innovative solutions to their R&S needs.

From the Greek root for “to weave”, Empleko is a web portal that offers Open Innovation services to the Italian PMI; by combining social network functionalities to the academic quality standards of the think tank, Empleko has been defined “the first social think tank”.

Thanks to Empleko, Italian companies may benefit from Open Innovation to quickly find the best-suited people to their business needs, identify new opportunities of technological transfer and innovative solutions for them. Nowadays, more than 100.000 multinationals require Open Innovation services, recording an increase in productivity by 25%. By applying these solutions as recruitment method, Empleko revolutions the path of personal research (and technological transfer) in companies: it directly links the company with an expert user that could introduce an innovation.

Through the Open Innovation contests, the services of alert and knowledge sharing, Empleko will allow the Italian experts to give a new value to their research, and find a direct application to it, up to suggest a suited job to their specific competences. At the same time companies will go beyond the skill mismatch problem, by finding experts that will respond to their needs and help them finding solutions online. By creating new spaces of collaboration between University and Entrepreneurship, Empleko will allow to optimise both R&S and recruitment costs.

The project has been ideated by the winners of the “Welcome Business 2012”, a ban promoted by the Commune and the Commerce Chamber in Milan to promote the young enterprise.

The startup is enlisted among the 5% of the companies with a female co-founder and the team has a mean age of 27 years. The project has already been included among the Italian successful stories by RENA, ASVI and La Repubblica.




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