F.MOM S.r.l. is a newly born startup that aims at developing and applying innovative textile techniques for designing elegant maternity clothing.

The company
F.MOM. proposes a collection of prêt-à-porter clothing for pregnant women. The company wants to bring fashion trends in elegant pregnancy clothing lines that would respond to the comfort needs and could be reused in different moments of maternity thanks to specific sartorial techniques.
The multiannual experience in design, fashion and clothing sectors of one of the partners has represented an important stimulus for this difficult challenge : design pregnancy clothing in a completely different way and introducing totally innovative design and textile techniques.
The philosophy of the brand F.MOM wants to transmit a few but suggestive ideas: the new needs of pregnant women; a piece of clothing that combines fashion, elegance and comfort; high-quality clothing at really competitive prices; new and innovative mode of re-using thanks to the innovative sartorial techniques.

The products
The company has ideated and engineered some innovative sartorial techniques for the realisation of pieces of clothing that could satisfy fashion, comfort and elegance requirements, as well as reduced prices. The patent-pending techniques such as the size scale, the modular dress, non-integrated support, allow to create comfortable, elegant and cheap dresses, suited for a pregnant woman.
The dress, thanks to some sartorial adjustments, can be transformed or modified to be worn several times during pregnancy despite body mutations.
F.MOM intends to realise two annual collections (spring/summer and fall/winter). Clothes in collection can be classified as high-end prêt-à-porter and they will be designed and realised thanks to the development of precise sartorial techniques. The use of particular materials and textiles also give the dress sartorial characteristics, despite remaining a prêt-à-porter, meaning a industrially-made piece of clothing of high quality.

The market
F.MOM aims at externalising the distribution (transport, delivery, storage) while entrusting a commercial agent of the market (sale and distributive channels).
In order to ensure an efficient distribution of the product, F.MOM will act through a selective, “short circuit“, distributive system (retailing producers – consumers). Some commercial agents in the fashion sector will be entrusted to present the product to a number of shops that comply to the image and commercial policy of the company.
After a few years, the company will directly distribute the product through its own sales force. In this way, besides proposing a technically innovative and fashionable product, the company will exercise control over the distributive and commercial system, by offering its technical support and assistance to the customer.




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