Since March 2009 E.Lab S.r.l., Academic Spin­Off of the University of Palermo, provides high- tech content integrated services about:

  • Consultancy & Monitoring;
  • Remote­controlled drones;
  • Remote Sensing & GIS.

Thanks to the consolidated experience gained at DICAM of the University of Palermo and to the scientific support of Prof. G. La Loggia and Prof. G. Ciraolo, the staff of E. Lab is able to meet requirements in environmental field with professionalism, accuracy and competence, providing planning, management and evaluation tools of the environmental resources.

Consultancy & Monitoring

The company carries out infrared thermographic inspections (with second­level certified thermographic operator UNI­EN 473/ISO 9712) in order to locate heat anomalies and transmittance analysis of building products (with wireless heat flow meter, ISO standard 9869). Furthermore the company fulfils the monitoring of environmental measurements, surveys with Total Stations and GPS, hydraulic and hydrologic reports.

Remote-­controlled drones

E. Lab uses different UAV micro­drones, conveniently equipped for the realization of:

  • applications of precision viticulture, such as the realization of vegetation index maps for the optimization of different farming practices;
  • cartographic products, such as the realization of high resolution orthophotos and digital terrain models with centimetric precision;
  • infrastructural inspections (e.g. high voltage power lines or photovoltaic systems) in order to evaluate the state of decline;
  • realization of interactive immersive panoramas, (like “bird’s­eye view” videos, spherical and cylindrical images) for the promotion and appreciation of the territory.

Remote Sensing & GIS

The company acquires and processes spectroradiometric data, pre­processes satellite images (MODIS, LandSat, Ikonos, RapidEye, etc...), carries out derivative maps (vegetation index, land use, etc..) and implements them in GIS environment.



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