DoctorGreen is an innovative company of integrated services for green spaces. The company coordinates the activity of all the professional figures involved in the realisation of green spaces, combining aesthetic sensibility, passion for nature and techno-scientific expertise. The collaboration with prestigious formation centres allows Doctor Green to propose qualifying didactic courses to its professional and amateur customers.   



Doctor Green is an innovative company of integrated services for green space. The expertise developed by the partners in new technologies for the treatment of trees, combined with aesthetic sensibility and passion for nature make Doctor Green the ideal partner for the most exigent private and public customers.

The company coordinates the different professionals involved in services of planning, realisation and maintenance of green works: gardeners, designers, decorators, agronomists, exterminators, trimmers, raw materials’ suppliers and rentals of special means.


Activity lines

-       Maintenance of parks and gardens. The service provides the general care of green areas, with the application of low environmental impact techniques.

-       Design, decoration and set up of green zones with irrigation systems

-       Tree care

Services are ecologically-friendly and favour a new approach towards the solution of problems related to green spaces. In particular, the company proposes solutions of integrated biological fight, tree endotherapy, stability evaluation and diagnosis of the pathologies, targeted interventions of tree and particularly valuable plants’ rehabilitation.


Formation courses

Doctor Green organises professional and amateur courses aimed at the acquisition of principles, techniques and innovative instruments for the design and management of private and public green spaces. It is particularly indicated for professionals and green operators in order to foster the development of awareness of the environment and, consequently, to allow for a general qualitative improvement of the sector. Professionals, coming from highly recognised formation institutes and from leading Italian companies, will be assigned to the courses. Through the adoption of highly modern technologies of information and the partnership with qualified formation centres, the courses will be delivered through e-learning. Doctor Green also organises amateur courses that address a broader public and aim at creating occasions for spreading environmental awareness.


Cultural commitment

The company wants to distinguish itself also for the commitment towards the cultural promotion of the sector through the organisation of initiatives oriented towards environmental awareness and the valorisation of green spaces. This will happen through manifestations, fairs and markets.

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The company, after its period of incubation, has transferred its seat.




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