CyclopusCAD S.r.l. looks at the possible applications of Computer Aided Detection systems developed by the proponents and protected by patents, in the field of medical diagnostic and, in particular, mammography. The management team is constituted by professors, university researchers and hospital doctors that have accumulated a remarkable expertise in the field thanks to the participation in scientific projects of national interest in the field of Medical Imaging.



The aim of CyclopusCAD S.r.l is to realise diagnostic instruments to allow for the precocious identification of pathologies from simple medical images, through the use of artificial vision algorithms.

The company counts on the “know how” and on the experience on the field of diagnostic of an interdisciplinary team composed by physicists, engineers, doctors and biologists. The methods for the recognition of the pathologies developed by CyclopusCAD S.r.l have already been subjected to patent filing.


Computer Aided Detection

CAD is rapidly becoming an indispensable technology in radiology units for its ability to offer sophisticated possibilities of detection and storage combined with high versatility and ease of integration with actual diagnostic tools. One of the most promising applications of the medical CADs concerns the mammographic images. CAD, used as a second reader, can be considered as a tireless “assistant radiologist”. The greater security of the diagnosis consequently increases the probability of survival to 10 years after the detection of the pathology and decreases medico-legal issues due to either missing or late diagnosis of breast tumour.



The company has developed CyclopusCAD as an integrant part of the workflow in mammography, with the goal to help doctors identifying cancer in its initial phase with an unprecedented precision. The high performances are guaranteed by a neural network classifier which uses a great number of data previously-analysed by experts in radiology.

The system has been clinically tested on a group of negative mammograms; the analysis of the interval-carcinoma previously diagnosed as screening errors or minimal signs has shown that CyclopusCAD has a higher sensibility compared to the other two competitors. CyclopusCAD identifies tumours by using a patented recognition method and sophisticated technologies of computer vision for the analysis of the images. A sophisticated process of artificial intelligence classifies and highlights the suspected areas by shaping the micro-calcifications and the tumorous masses.


CyclopusCAD distinguishes itself for some unique elements:

-       Decision threshold of CAD can be varied in continuous ways, according to the choices of the radiologist;

-       Shape of the regions of interest can be displayed for a more accurate reading of the results

-       Execution of CAD on various images DICOM (MG “for Processing”, MG “for Presentation”, CR Mammographic)

The company is currently developing other CAD products for biomedical images.




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