Biosurvey s.r.l., is an academic spin-off of the University of Palermo providing consultancy, planning support, impact evaluation, project management and training, related in particular to aquatic ecosystems.

Biosurvey works together with public authorities and local governments (between all, universities and CNR – National Centre of Research), to continuously update its technological resources in order to adopt the newest techniques in scientific research. The results are shown in the offer of the most effective professional services and performances with high quality standards for the safeguard of the marine habitats, such as:

  • planning, production and report of environmental impact assessment, employing VIA, VAS and VIncA standards;
  • planning, production and report of site characterisation plans;
  • coastal management: planning, production and report of beach nourishment schemes with the re-employment of dredged materials;
  • planning, production and report of monitoring and control plans on water bodies, sediments and micro-macro aquatic organisms;
  • characterisation and monitoring of site pollution;
  • planning support to maritime installations;
  • processing and production of thematic charts;
  • high and low resolution bathymetric, stratigraphic and morphologic surveys; remote geo-sensing by ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle);
  • marine archaeology;
  • inspection and monitoring of submarine pipelines.

project planning and management of educational courses for high skilled professional roles (technical scientific operators) within the biological and geo-technical fields.

Biosurvey owns a license for the seabed rehabilitation with Posidonia oceanica, which has been created in collaboration with IDEA Srl. The innovative technique developed for rehabitation of P. oceanica meadows is based on the use of an underwater anchor modular system constructed of starch-based biodegradable materials (Mater-Bi), in order to:

  • speed up the natural growth and colonization of an area by the plant;
  • increase transplant success;
  • reduce the impact on marine environment.




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