Bio Nat Italia is mainly working on the field of research, development and production of in vitro diagnostic medical devices – IDV. Its human resources are endowed of a strong sense of creativity and innovation towards the development of biotechnologies applied to human and animal health, to agriculture and agri-food industry.



A distinctive sign of BioNat is the great commitment and the strong desire to invest in the scientific research aimed at realizing pioneering and highly technical products for in vitro diagnostic using molecular biology techniques. The company uses competences acquired through research activities undertaken in Italy and during advanced traineeship in USA. BioNat is operating in respect to the quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, as certified by Lloyd’s Register Certification, in order to achieve highly productive performances.

The operating principles that inspired BioNat are:

- Customer orientation
- Leadership
- Involvement of employees
- Continuous improvement
- Approach for processes



BioNat is currently working for the development of innovative systems for the molecular in vitro diagnosis of genetically-determined pathologies and of infectious diseases. In addition to the diagnostic kits, BioNat develops systems of automatic diagnosis with the support of experts in industrial automation and electromechanical design. New experimentations concern technologies of genetic investigations based on biosensors integrated with data storage and reader devices automatically able to handle multiple analyses.



The quality standards that distinguish the innovations BioNat have allowed the company to establish itself on the market and start new collaborations with important partners, such as:

• University of Maryland (USA), Center For Celiac Research
• ST Microelectronics
• University of Florence, Department of Chemistry
• CNR, Institute of Biophysics, Palermo
• Children’s Hospital in Palermo “G. Di Cristina”, Laboratory of

Pediatric Gastroenterology

• University of Palermo, Medical Clinic



Leadership is one of the most important managerial aspects for BioNat’s working group. Management’s diligence and participation are key to the realization of the goals of the company and subjected to continuous training and improvement. The business management intends to define and make all the necessary resources available to the company, as well as satisfy the expectations of the client, followed by the partners, investors and the employees involved.



In the spirit of its continuous innovation, BioNat is engineering new diagnostic products using both nanotechnologies and biosensors.Nonetheless, the company eagerly seeks to integrate ICT devices in its systems both in laboratories and on the field. Development perspectives include the application of biomolecular survey systems to the agro-food sector.



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