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The FloWork S.r.l. is concerned with open source systems which benefit is the total absence of licensing costs and service. We specialize in ERP, controlling, digital documents and electronic storage, low-interest financing.

The Flowork S.r.l. comes from the idea to offer a management consultancy with high addicted value reducing the costs of IT systems using Open Source software. From previous experiences acquired by members in recent years, it has been necessary to offer innovative management projects with lower costs than those currently on the market, therefore the choice of software to use has moved on Open Source products that, it has given by the high degree of innovation, appears to be alternative solution to proprietary systems able to satisfy the same needs, sometimes even more efficiently, with the obvious saving costs of license and maintenance.
The competitive advantage of the free software involves the independence on the supplier, that it is able to studying and editing it, no limit to the commercial functionality, and no legal constraint on the costs. The absence of licensing costs and maintenance now allows the company to dedicate resources to the controlling-company and business intelligence where the Flowork s.r.l. plans to work, first of all by introducing a culture of this fields. The target is to support and automate measuring processes, control and analysis of the results and business performance (reporting systems, dynamic dashboards, etc..), processes of business decision under varying conditions of uncertainty (systems of forecast, simulation and construction of alternative economic sceneries, etc..), the all integrated in the classical general trial of "plan, do, check, act."
Today, the cost of the addicted value is more important than the cost of raw materials; to increase efficiency and profitability is not enough to purchase to the lower price, but you need to optimize all the organizational processes through implementation of ERP systems. The Flowork S.r.l. is also responsible for the management and storage of financial documents that must be produced and stored according to very strict standards that, even today, in many companies, they find a papery traditional management.
The main consulting services to companies performed by our company are:

  • Implementations of ERP systems
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Controlling
  • Low-interest Financing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Budget and budget analysis
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Digital Documents and electronic storage



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