MIRC S.r.l. is an academic spin-off of Università degli Studi di Palermo and aims at the production of complete and highly-specialised solutions for Medical Imaging that, starting from protocols of diagnostic investigations, could realize Decision Support Systems for medical activity. These systems are based on latest-generation instruments that integrate Artificial Intelligence techniques for the optimal elaboration of medical data. The integration between radiology and computer science represents a value added to this company, a value that has been left out by other companies in the sector. Our mission is to develop and realize systems and easy, fast, clever and trustworthy solutions.

Product lines
It is an intelligent framework for the acquisition, integration, elaboration and representation of Big Data inherent to breast pathologies. Through this instrument it is possible to overcome the physical and logic constraints of heterogeneous acquired data (images, texts, exams, reports…) by making them available in the new Cloud Healthcare. The fundamental element in the framework is a system of decision support (Decision Support System) operating with mammographic data and able to complement the radiologist’s work during the phases of collection of medical history and diagnosis.
Through the friendly interface, it will be possible to:
- Interrogate and aggregate heterogeneous information; or acquire and visualize images and reports;
- Automatically individuate interest points during the mammography; or search significant patterns;
- Research similar cases;
- Do assisted reports of new acquired case;
- Analyse data for scientific, medical and organizational purposes;
- Carry out epidemiologic studies.
The framework developed has also a relevant social impact, since it can be used by any doctor operating in any area, simply through the use of web technology.

- PIOMOT (Pancreas Iron Overload Monitoring in Thalassemia)
It is an advanced CAD (Computer Aided/Assisted Detection), integrating the most evolved algorithms of image processing, able to detect the quantity of iron present in human organs through the analysis of MRI sequences.
This instrument also allows to relate the accumulation of iron detected in the subjects to a healthy person. When used for monitoring the accumulation of iron in thalassemic subjects, the tool provides precious indications on the effectiveness of iron chelator medications and on its doses. In the actual version, PIOMOT is specialized in the analysis of liver and pancreas, which have predictive characteristics.
- Breast Electronic Report
It is a client-server application for senology. Other than the personal data of the patient, it allows to structurally memorize images and reports of echographies, mammographies, MRI in order to recover medical exams according to the patient, date, medical history and diagnosis. In the case of mammographies it allows to memorize the single and total doses absorbed by the patient.
MIRC S.r.l. has realized a system RIS/PACS that meets the technical and economic needs of the small diagnostic centers for images. The MIRC solution uses standard communication protocols, such as Dicom 3.0 and HL7, guaranteeing the interoperability of the solution MIRC with the existing diagnostic tools. The solution MIRC can be customized to cover all the working needs of the partners, offering hardware or software infrastructures or both solutions.
- 3D Printing
MIRC S.r.l offers a 3D printing service for customized projects of 3D models. The objects realized through 3D-Print technology (FDM plastic polymerous – SLA resin) can be customized in dimensions, materials and colors. The service assists in the development of the 3D printing project and in its realization according to the indications and requests of the customer. It also gives a printing support for your 3D files/drawings of the subject to print. Contact us and you will be quickly sent a personalized cost estimation obtained through an ad hoc simulation of the prototype-creation process.
Mobile Apps
The mobile devices play a fundamental role in the e-health, especially when thinking about the great diffusion of these devices. The diffusion of App on health does not increase the practice of auto-diagnosis, but it allows the users (students, doctors or patients) to get qualified information, with greater timeliness and convenience, using mobile phones.
- IChestX-Ray Atlas
It is one of the most innovative educational instrument in the medical field on a IoS mobile platform. It is a atlas of radiographic anatomy of the thorax for radiologists, students, graduate students and doctors of general medicine. The instrument can be used both to study and to refresh your knowledge and it can be useful in daily medical practice. In detail, iToraceRX presents: high-resolution images, perfect side-to-side and back-to-front projections; representation of each single anatomic element; description of all anatomic elements present. After the download, the App does not require internet connection.
Development of Plugin OsiriXTM
OsiriX is with any doubt the mostly used framework in diagnostic imaging since it allows a high capacity of analysis and elaboration of DICOM files. Its easily-modifiable architecture allows to add extensions (Plugin) that expand the functionalities of the program according to the needs of the operator. We have developed different plugins with the aim of realizing supporting instruments for the analysis and monitoring of specific pathologies at high societal impact.
- Liver-Pancreas: it is an instrument for the evaluation and quantification of liver and pancreas injuries. This instrument, according to the latest results of scientific literature, allows also to evaluate the mean and punctual density in injuries detected.
- BrainCadX: it is an instrument for the evaluation of the morphology/volumetry voxel-based of brain that automatically allows to classify and quantify the white, grey and CSF substances. The plugin can be used as supporting and monitoring instrument of the evolution of the neurodegenerative diseases.
- Emphysema: it is an instrument for the quantification of pulmonary emphysema, able to calculate the vascularization grade of pulmonary parenchyma and to automatically detect the pathological areas.

The idea of MIRC has won the competition Start Cup Palermo 2010, promoted by Università degli Studi di Palermo. The same idea of founding this company has received the second prize in the competition “Ingegnamoci 2010”, promoted by Regional Province of Catania. Mirc s.l.r. is at the head of the project “BD4BREAST – an Intelligent Framework for the analysis of Clinic Big Data for Decision support in the Diagnosis Process of Breast Pathologies”, financed by the call for proposals Start Up – Notice 436 of May 13th, 2013 – of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.




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