WIB Srl was born in 2013 inside the ARCA Incubator of Palermo from an idea of its founder and Ceo, Nino Lo Iancono, a mechatronics engineer, degree at Politecnico of Turin, and a long-standing experience at Fiat Research Center. Initially supported by local enterprises, the WIB project has stricken all the insiders in Vending, IoT and Retail, because its system allows an effective combination of physical purchase and e-commerce came out for the first time.

Thanks to its patented technology,WIB, acronym of Warehouse in a box, has implemented a fully automatic and advanced vending machine, able to handle a wide products catalogue (grocery, cosmetics, spirits, electronics, accessories, etc.). A real store, completely automated, allows consumers to purchase directly on site, or online, by an e-commerce platform via pc or an app on smartphone, and picking chosen products up anytime, 24/7. Retailers can also gain immediate advantages: low investments and operation costs; remote management of commercial and technical parameters; immediate release of interactive advertising or product information by integrated digital signage; opportunity to allocate each automated storein highly strategic areas, from urban centers with intense pedestriantraffic or crossing points, as airports and railway stations, or big business or commercial areas.

The entrance of WIB into the Italian market (in May 2014) has recently obtained the interest of the major grocery chains, as Coop, Despar and Sigma, involving a partnership for the installation of the first automated store powered by WIB. The project collected many rewards: WIB won the SeedLab competition in 2012, the prize of Intelligent Vending Competition 2014 by Intel IoT EMEA, the qualification in the final round of Intel Business Challenge Europe (Dublin, 2013), and participated, as one of the 150 finalist selected startup, at Collide in Las Vegas in 2014, the most important high tech conference worldwide and meeting point between investors and innovative entrepreneurs.

At the end of 2013, two Italian Venture Capital, Vertis SGR and RedSeed Ventures, supported the WIB development, accelerated by the participation of 16 business angel, who took part in the most successful crowdfunding campaign in Italy.

The WIB team is a perfect combination of different experts: mechatronic engineers, computer and software mobile developers work together marketers and enjoy their knowledge in sales, in connection from Palermo to Milan, while the production is established at Ferrari Motor Valley (Emilia Romagna).

Many Italian and foreign journalists have demonstrated their interest in WIB. La Repubblica, Rai2, the Sole24 and Food have mentioned WIB as “the store of the future” and Forbes in its article in October 2014 talked about WIB not only as an innovative startup, but also as disruptive enterprise for its impact on traditional retail system, because of its new sale model and integrated communication involving brands, suppliers and consumers.

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