The project has its origin in the studies of one of the proponents and has been developed thanks to the professional experience carried out by a team member. Particularly in the relationship between healthcare provider and patient it has been noticed how some treatments, needful for the patient’s health, can be particularly painful; hence the need to find solutions that can alleviate the suffering of the patient without compromising the effectiveness of the treatments. In particular we refer to all the therapies that requires venous access via the insertion of a cannula needle. In the phase of insertion into a vein of the device the pain is determined mainly by the needle cannula size; the needle size affects the amount of liquid that can be administered. Hence the idea of creating a needle cannula which causes little or no sensation of pain to the patient and at the same time that gives the possibility of administering large quantities of liquid in a short time without the use of active substances: our modified needle cannula. Loren Medical Devices has thus invented and registered a patent on intravenous cannula needles, a disposable medical device of enormous use in healthcare. It has already been presented the extension of the Italian patent, the International PCT, entitled “cannula-needle for intravenous catheter, method for manufacturing thereof and infusion device including the cannula-needle. PCT / IB2014 / 062657 of 27.06.2014”.

The Cannula needle is an equipment which allows to inject medicines or fluid into a vein, quickly and easily. In order to make a therapy effective in a short time, the medicine has to enter the bloodstream in the shortest possible time and therefore must be administered intravenously. The access to a vein must be stable (so not to cause damage with the patient’s movements), usable for long and several times (for repeated administrations of drugs). The most practical way to ensure venous access is to introduce a needle disposable cannula into a vein and leave it there, staring it at the skin with a plaster. There are different types of cannula needle, with various sizes according to the caliber and length of the cannula. A larger gauge cannula allows a higher infusion rate, but increases the pain caused to the patient, it’s more difficult to insert and carries a higher risk of rupture of the vein. In general health professionals choose the greater caliber of cannula so to give the possibility of infusing in a shorter time a greater amount of liquid, a factor of crucial importance in case of emergency such as shocks. The main distinctive feature of our 'modified cannula needle’ is given by the presence of micro holes (practiced along the cannula with a pulsed CO2 laser machine) thus allowing the use of needles of small circumference, however, retaining all the general features of the classic cannula needle. So our product:

  1. causes little or no sensation of pain to the patient without the use of active ingredients (i.e. local anesthetics);
  2. reduces the possibility of rupture of a vein;
  3. has an adequate flow rate (50 ml/min and 100 ml/min) that allows to infuse large amounts of liquid in a short time;
  4. dramatically reduces infections or phlebitis, thanks to the use of a smaller and less invasive needle, that causes less damage to tissues;
  5. maintains a structure similar to the standard needle cannula, so that health professionals can easily use it;
  6. it’s easier for a health worker to find a vein with a needle of small caliber rather than one with a large one; this problem is very important in the treatment of chemotherapy patients for which are frequent venous problems and consequent difficulties in finding venous access;
  7. reduces waste: buying our product companies would buy only 3 or 4 measures cannula rather than the eight measures currently commercially available and it allow to reduce the percentages of substitution.

The project received the second place in the competition Start Cup Palermo in 2014, and has won a place among the four finalists for the National Innovation Award 2014 in the category of Life Science. He is currently receiving acclaim from other competition in which he has already passed various stages of selection.



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