New digital frontiers

The academic spin off New Digital Frontiers Srl,was created to explore the new frontiers of humanistic computer science so as topermit the transition of study and experimentation anchored to academic research to create job opportunities in a market whose potential is still to be explored.

For private companies projected to the management of cultural heritage, the main element of economic sustainability is the ability to define a format for the production of specific and recognizable properties.

The objectives that NDF proposes to realize are the following:

  • Design and realization of a digital platform to establish a "weblibrary". The use of new digital technologies allows realization of an editorial product with which to test a new approach to a subject book transforming it into a new reality.
  • Planning, implementation and realization of a multi-lingualand multi-user ambience accessible via web to include, collect, classify and online storage of data and multimedia information useful for the subsequent production of literary works through electronic publishing.
  • Activation of a training workshop in which students and recent graduates in Humanities and Computer Science can do internships in humanities science technology.
  • Programming of a research and development activity aimed at realizing innovative environments useful to small publishers or individual publishers who will have a digital library for the production and dissemination of their works.
  • A course of experimentation that can be achieved thanks to the particularity of the digital format which, compared to traditional paper works, allows you to create interaction with the user, adding both multimedia content and further study (links to websites, additional texts).



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