New Open Mind is a small startup that offers its expertise in the field of IT services, aiming at a wider market of clients through technological innovation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best financial outsourcing services and document management by converting into electronic form all documents in the possession of the customer, whether private or company.

Our services

  • Document management
  • Financial outsourcing

Document management

Document Management is the complete solution for businesses and the private who can recognize the correct document management a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, timeliness and lower costs. From the consequent increase of related processes management costs and problems it is therefore developed a growing need to be able in some way to 'curb' this phenomenon, with the aim of reducing the volumes of printed documents and streamline internal processes companies.

The dematerialization process, for some time already initiated by many companies and individuals, allows, thanks to the digitization of documents, saving time, space and money, with a look in more environment.

Dematerialization begins with the acquisition of existing documents in electronic or printed form, via optical acquisition, and in their indexing with the search keys indicated by the client, to make them easily available.

In summary, the dematerialization process is designed to preserve the characteristics of authenticity, integrity, readability, accessibility and confidentiality of electronic documents. Documents can also be signed with an electronic signature system graphometric that allows you to assign and maintain unchanged the legal and tax value of the documents for which there is an obligation to keep making it unnecessary to materialize on paper.

The New Open Mind offers customers customized solutions in the field of document management, and in particular:

  • Analysis of the client's situation
  • Subsequent phase of any customizations and implementations supply
  • Implementation of the solution is at the customer's outsourcing
  • Installation of the solution and device ramp with loading data and documents with their metadata
  • Steady management personnel solution or training customer and integrated care

Customer benefits:

  • Reduction of required space
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Unalterable documents
  • Confidentiality
  • Work efficiency
  • Respect for the environment

Financial outsourcing

  • Back Office Banking: Management and monitoring of all activities closely related to the life cycle of the financial instruments (checks encashment and outstanding, and bills for unpaid / protested, Ri: Ba./Rid/M.Av), with visibility in real time and immediate feedback to the customer. Bank transfers in both paper and electronic formats, documentation related to Treasury and Cassa Bodies (mandates, Riversali, Financial Reporting, Resolutions, etc.), salaries, payment proxies F23 / F24, UNICO / 740, for banking anticipation bills, salary fifth, loan practices, utilities bulletins.
  • Back Office Treasury Bodies: Management and complete treatment of all paper documents submitted by public entities for which the Bank manages the Treasury Service. The service also provides archiving of all paper and digital documents according to the specifications agreed with the authorities in strict compliance with local regulations.

In conclusion, the New Open Mind provides, in-house or outsourced, processing, storing and managing paper documents and all the flows that the company must transfer to the Company related to it or to the relevant Authorities.



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