Novatek Srl is a sicilian Web Technology Company founded in 2016 as a digital professionals aggregator. Today it’s a Tech Consulting landmark for many startups, web agencies and SME of the digital italian ecosystem through outsourcing collaborations in national and international way.

The company's vision is to promote the innovation of the "remote working" in Italy showing, through his own work, benefits and the potential that working remotely expected.

The company was founded as result of the long experience of his CEO & Founder Danilo Costa in the fields of Team Management and Web Development, with the clear objective to transfer in Novatek the acquired knowledges to move toward ambitious and highly innovative projects.

The discovery of advanced technologies and the expansion of tech consulting demand have laid the foundations for the team's definition, which now boasts among its ranks software developers, designers, 3D modelers, designers and UX experts in marketing and communication.

The main innovation which our team shows regards the approach used for the management and the realization of external collaborations, by adopting Agile methodology and remote working both, identifying the ideal matching to maximize productivity and results.

The Novatek believes strongly in R&D and its team continuous updating of its technological offer. The main outsourced products manufactured, we can mention:

- Since 2016, Novatek collaborates with Musement for the development of internal management platforms and spin-off products, developing innovative products to customers such as Sky, Airdolomiti and Regina

- Rodolfo 3D Configurator LoveTheSign Spa, 3D visualization and innovative configuration of the modular sofa Rodolfo

- E-commerce for LoveTheSign Spa, in collaboration with its technical team, for the development of version 2 of their platform (both back office that Frontend Development)

- Booking Engine for Majabooking, that provides management for 20 hotels. The platform includes a backoffice to manage the hotels, a backoffice for reservation management (for users as an hotel) and a user frontend for booking requests.


Novatek mission is the Coderblock platform, the first recruitment marketplace dedicated to the world of recruitment and company/freelancers remotely collaborations.

The solution adopted by Coderblock provides a b2b and b2c platform as a landmark for companies and freelancers in order to assist them in building as much as possible teams compatible with the product to be developed, taking care of the phases of recruiting and collaboration through an appropriate proprietary tools. The platform adopts, in each internal module, the concepts of remote working and Agile methodology,

Coderblock is a self-service for the recruitment and development of innovative projects, and mainly provides the matching algorithm for team recruiting, a search engine for for searching/jobs activities (Marketplace), a team management tool for each project (Workspace) and modules for the optimization of remote interactions.

Coderblock is also the first 3D virtual office connected to a recruitment platform (Coderblock Experience), applying the most innovative technologies of Virtual Reality in order to further reduce the gap between traditional and remote labor.

With Coderblock Experience, it’s easy simulate meetings and conferences in a virtual office distributed or organize team work plan.

The platform is currently in beta stage ( and the team is self-financed from outsourcing activities to third-party customers in Europe, waiting to receive an initial investment seed.


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