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Eng.Co.Sys., Is a Spinoff of the University of Palermo, it comes from DEIM department of UNIPA, it, among other things, carries out monitoring of aquatic environments. Water bodies, marine waters included, undergo a continuous and irresponsible exploitation, thus increasing the overall level of pollution.

Our idea is to apply a protocol, whose aim is to provide a full report of the marine coastal environment investigated and to allow the classification of water bodies, assessing their actual state.

Eng.Co.Sys has designed, produced and patented an integrated system of drones and buoys, which equipped with multi-parameter probes, auto poll systems, allow to investigate the water column, transmitting the data obtained on a Cloud, in real time, and validate the site in accordance with current laws.

The company holds the patent of a marine drone semisubmersible (SI-USV) that is able to go below the surface of the sea, even for a few meters, using the same electric propulsion used on the trip as a planning surface vehicle.

The same tools, technologically innovative, allow to make bathymetric and geomorphological surveys of examined site and produce thematic maps in 3D.



MARINE DRONE: The vehicle is equipped with a remotely oper-ated system with terrestrial or satellite radio communication link, It is equipped with computers for Control of activities on Board (trim, steering, radio, etc.), of planned operations (routes patrol, scan preset geographical grids) and decision applications (selection and identifying and achieving a goal defense or safety).

The remote control range is dependent on the type of radio link used (terrestrial link 12 nm; Satellite links: Satellite dish).

The used water-jet propulsion is coupled with both internal combustion engines that with electric motors. The vehicle is modular, it is highly customizable and can be fitted in different equipment and configurations, according to the required operational service (patrol: HD stabilized cameras, thermal cameras, underwater, communications repeater: radar, sonar, HF-VHF. etc. )


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It is a flexible system that can be integrated with sensors and underwater cameras.

The constant monitoring of reservoirs provides an overall picture and to date the ecological and chemical status of water frame.

The reporting system used to measure the concentration of heavy metals, underwater noise and wave characteristic parameters.


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