Lexasis is a start-up incubated at the Consorzio Arca in Palermo, explores communication with information technology to deliver editorial products for companies operating in the free market through a research and development path of new high-tech products. Our philosophy is one of free markets, unrestricted freedom of speech and thought, and defense of individual and company liberty. The experimentation of new editorial formats is achieved through the use of digital, which, integrated in traditional paper support, allows for endless interactions with the end user, adding multimedia content, further insights, to the software application. Using contemporary digital technologies makes it possible to create an ever-changing editorial product with which to experience a new way of learning, in which the book object evolves during training to management software, get up new media.

Lexasis has the following objectives:
1. Use of open source software.
2. Realize a digital sales platform for their products via the Web, as well as distribute products in partnership with companies.
3. Realize a multilingual and multiuserable Web environment for the collection, classification and online store of data and multimedia information useful for the subsequent production of electronic publishing.
4. To create a permanent training lab with researchers, collaborators and authors for researching and developing high-tech products to meet the needs of our users.
5. Make a workshop with companies to evolve our library of digital works. The main element of economic sustainability is to evolve our knowledge formats for companies's production operating in the free market.

Lexasis wants to provide editorial and business-to-business education services for the communication and enhancement of Italian resources : a startup for the digital economy of knowledge.

Lexasis 's service is to offer a shopping cart of research, information and training editorial products such as:
- Normative reports
- Operating manuals
- Educational works
- Training

The idea arises from the continuing disclosure requirement of normative texts for professional use, according to the following logical succession:
1. Analysis legal text
2. Research and review
3. Development software.
The activity in a three-year programming, according to the succession listed above, requires the development and application of innovative digital technologies for both production and distribution.

Lexasis wants through a later editorial line the implementation of data and information that can enhance the knowledge of goods in Italy for both national and international operators. Knowledge will be based on specific editorial necklaces and contemporary media evolution, by implementing the following specific categories of publishing products based on a three-year programming:
1. E-book,
2. E-Learning
3. Cross-media products
4. Management Software.

The start up attempts to introduce new products or services through continuous regulatory information on the technological, economic and cultural aspects of Italian and European realities and related rights to use by industry operators. We hope that you will join us on one of our many intellectual trips, as free letter, book, learning or software, as a reader, user or free author.




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