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Navhetec: Nanovesicles in health and technology

Navhetec S.r.l. is an innovative startup and an Academic SpinOff of the University of Palermo founded in June 2016. Navhetec works in the nutraceutical field with a business idea that, starting from a raw material characteristic of the Sicilian territory (the citrus juice), aims to develop new natural compounds, scientifically tested, that can be used as support of antineoplastic treatments.
The project and business idea were born in March 2015 in a research laboratory of the University of Palermo where Professor Riccardo Alessandro, Dr. Stefania Raimondo and Dr. Alice Conigliaro have been involved for several years in the development of new anticancer strategies.
Navhetec will produce nutraceutical supplements consisting of plant-derived nanovesicles, lipoproteic vesicles of 50-70 nm in size, that in animal cells are known as exosomes, and that are used by cells to communicate each other.
Furthermore, nanovesicle physical properties allow us to speculate that their engineering can represent a new approach to vehicle natural and synthetic compounds to target tissues.
Strategic is for Navhetec the partnership with Agrumaria Corleone S.p.a. a company involved, since 1890 in the enhancement of the quality of Sicilian citrus fruits. Agrumaria operates in a manufacturing area just outside Palermo, and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Agrumaria will provide the lemon juice and the location for the production.

Navhetec S.r.l., since October 2016, is incubated in the Consorzio ARCA, Palermo.







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